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Jidai ??? : 17 year old boy who came to study at Katerfield's Place in order to master his sword and unlike Astir, he is very serious about it. Has unknown past. Used to not talk a lot but after meeting Astir who totally irrates him, despite his "composed" apperance he became more lively. Due to his traditional clothing style and ribbon he is very attached to, often mistaken for a "weird" girl.
He is from far away land and has totally different way of living. He was raised by his aunt and thats why his hobbies are totally "girly". Enjoys eating weird sea creatures and sewing things. Is very loyal and caring towards Katerfield and want to make him proud. Is Considering Astir as yet another weak rival he have to pwnface XD Is very shy towards girls (knows like nothing about them) thats why he decided to focus on swordmastery. Because of his family drama which took place years ago, he have problem with making friends.

Kurt Katerfield : Middle aged swordmaster and the maker of "Katerfield school of swordmastery" which is pretty popular among warriors. He is from Rich merchant familly, have a sister and older brother. Although due to many difference between him and his parents, he totally cut contact with them and started to live on his own. Katerfield has totally no talent for swordfight but since his master was definately best swordsman in the human world, he has wide theoretical knowledge and thanks to this his school is stil a success. He is into cooking and somehow babysitting. Would be a good housewife XD He likes to read cheap fantasy novels about "Black Knight" who was his great idol when he was smaller. Due to his serious ilness, he decided to never marry and remained single. Had a few students who already became good warriors. Is lacking assertivity and his school doesn't make him much money...
??? : He runs Artifact shop in city placed near Katerfield's school. Have sorta weird plans towards Astir D:... (and is not pedo XD)