STAFF information:

Art By gokunobaka (
Story by Radittz ( *and Gokunobaka*
You can find us at with following nicknames:
iruka-loves-kakashi ; ugly-baka-girl

COMIC information:

Beast Hunt is planned for around 800-1000 Pages.
Genre of BH is definately Shounen/fantasy.
I am usually into BL stuff but I've decided to do something "neutral" once XD
Theres a lot of fun characters appearing in the plot so please be patient and stay with us ^o^v
I will do my best to make updates weekly~

TECH information:

Comic is drawn on manga paper (B3 SIZE) 90 g/m
Im using uniPin Ink pens and black markers.
Screentones are apllied with PowerTone and Photoshop.

If you have any question please mail me at !